My cynical takeaway from Apple Vision Pro

I'm not a fan of VR/AR headsets. It seems like a bit of bother, and until they start selling them with a dopamine IV drip I don't think I'm keen to get one. One thing about the recently launched Apple Vision Pro really stood out to me. Check out this screenshot from Apple:

The eye tracking. This thing knows where you're looking, and does stuff based on that.

My tinfoil hat take on this is that in a few years you're going to see cameras mounted to all sorts of devices with eye tracking technology that will be able to indicate whether or not you're paying attention to the advertisements they're showing you. Then they'll force you to actually pay attention to the nonsense advertisements for male grooming accessories, green powders, underwear, or worst of all sports betting.

The great peace has certainly been a good time to be alive, but recent technology breakthroughs mostly just seem to be creative ways to advertise to us. It's boring and bums me out.


This article was updated on February 14, 2024