My official STM Rosemont/Beaubien Pillow
My official STM Rosemont/Beaubien Pillow

The Only Text Tone You Need

The Montréal metro's "dou dou douuuu" is iconic. It's a triumph of displacement technology and the chariot of the people. I am the STMs biggest fan.

I've since left Montréal but the metro's angelic tones live rent free in my head. I've got them setup as a text tone, and now so can you.

You can put this file on your phone following a guide like this. Whatever you do just don't download or install some random crap software to do it, you don't need to. Just plug phone into computer, drop file onto phone.

In Montréal if you want an easy ice breaker just leave your phone on loud after you set this up as your tone, people will wanna know.

Download here

This article was updated on January 11, 2024